How to maintain your spark Plug?

In my former post I have told you the importance of a Spark Plug in an engine system, and special attention should be paid on the Spark Plug. Now, I would like to introduce you the methods of maintaining Spark Plugs.

Damage Spark Plugs will activate the SERVICE ENGINE SOON or CHECK ENGINE light to appear on your vehicle’s information panel. This is a sign that you should check your engine Spark Plugs and other engine parts for damages.

Next, identify the correct cylinder with the Spark Plug and check for Spark Plug and cylinder malfunctions. Start cleaning the Brake Chamber with a typical solvent. Make sure to clean the paint insulation, and other dirt particles including carbon and oxides left by fuels.

Now in installing a new Spark Plug, always make sure Cylinder Head threads and Spark Plug threads are thoroughly clean. You should also make sure to set the correct gap on the new Spark Plug and install new gaskets.

Finally, make sure that the Spark Plug cable is perfectly fitted into the plug terminal. Now that you have a brand new Spark Plug installed, you should regularly check it for maintenance.

Now, you have finished all the procedure of your Spark Plug maintenance. I think it is not only useful to your Spark Plug and engine system, the performance of your whole car could be enhanced this.

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